Saturday, July 28, 2012

HURRY!!!! Limited time offer! Pet supplies for FREE Updated: NLA


Wanna know a secret??

I'm not sure if I have mentioned this before but if you wish to have coupons for something just ask! Email, call, or message the company that makes the product you love and ask for one! I know a lot of companies want you to continue to buy their products and will send out coupons to you. Also, if you are ever dissatisfied with a product contact the company and they may reimburse you or send you coupons for their products. I bought corned beef brisket back in March and the cut of meat I got was terribly tough after it came out of the slow cooker. I emailed Freirich and they reimbursed me and apologized! So there you have it! One of my little secrets!

Best Deals 7/29/12

Lots of freebies this week! Go out and grab em!

Monday, July 16, 2012

Best Deals 7/15/12

Hey everyone! I took a week off and headed to camp so I am sorry if you missed me last week! Here is what is looking good this week!
Rite Aid

  • Depends $3.99 2+UP use $1/1 6/17/12 SS Final price: $.99
  • Venus Olay Razor $9.99 4+UP use $4/1 6/17/12 SS Final price: $1.99 (even less if you're gold or silver!)
  • Samy products $3.99 3+UP Final price: $.99
  • Yoohoo 4/$4 1+UP wyb 4 Final price: 4/$3 or $.75 each (even less if you're silver or gold!)
  • Huggies 2/$20 5+UP wyb 1? (poss typo-will update after I try this deal) use $1.50/1 7/8/12 SS Final price: 2/$7 or $3.50 each!!!
  • Schick or Skintimate Shave gels 2/$5 7+UP wyb $15 use $.55/1 7/15/12 SS Final price: 2/$3.90
    • Deal scenario: Buy 6 and use 6 coupons (2 transactions due to coupon policy of 4 like coupons per transaction) Final price: $4.70/6 or $.78 each
  • Ivory soap 3 pk (on sale until 7/28) $.99 use $1/1 7/1/12 P&G Final price: FREE
  • Listerine mouthwash 16.9 oz $4.99 $4 RR (look for tearpads or your stash) Final price: $.99
  • Cottonelle toilet paper 12 pk $5 use $1/1 here(choose how many you want to print they are larger than normal about 1/3 of the page) and $1/1 WAGS July coupon bklt Final price: $3 or $.25 per roll!
  • Dentek floss picks 2/$4 $2 RR wyb 2 use $.50/1 6/10/12 SS Final price: 2/$1
  • EOS lip balm 2/$6 $4 RR (there are rumors that there are $2 peelies in them! but they might be for the lotion only!) Final price: $2
  • Shaws Butter $2.22
  • Del Monte canned goods 10/$10
  • Zucchini or Summer squash $1.49 lb
  • Fresh Romaine, Red or Green leaf $.99 each
  • Fresh corn 4/$1.99
  • Sargento 16 oz $4.79
  • Ciao Bella Sorbet or Gelato BOGO (I've heard these are sooo good!)
  • Super Chill Soda or Seltzer 10/$10 use $1/2 Sizzling Savings bklt Final price: 2/$1
  • Blue Diamond Almonds 2/$4 use coupon from 5/13/12 SS (not sure of the value since they differ regionally)
  • Hatfield Ham steak or Plumrose bacon BOGO
  • Luigi's Italian Ice BOGO use $.75/2 6/24/12 RP 
  • Ritz or Chips Ahoy! BOGO
  • Jolly Time popcorn or Poland Springs pods BOGO
  • Fuze, Honest Tea, or seltzer  BOGO
  • KC Masterpiece BOGO use $2/2 here (must be a member) and don't forget to activate your Savingstar!
  • Johnsonville Sausage BOGO use $1/1 5/13/12 SS
  • GM Gas Card PROMO!
  • Buy $30 of these products and you will receive a code for a $10 gas card (click on the link for details)
    • Betty Crocker® Fruit Flavored Snacks 
    • Gushers® Fruit Shapes
    • Fruit by the Foot®
    • Fruit Roll-Ups®(4.5-8oz)
    • Betty Crocker® Fun da-Middles (15.2-15.4oz)
    • Betty Crocker® Muffin Mix (15.2-18.25oz)
    • Betty Crocker® Supreme Brownie Mix (15.3-19.5oz)
    • Betty Crocker® Suddenly Pasta Salad® (6.2-8.3oz)
    • Bugles® (6-7.5oz)
    • Cheerios® Snack Mix (7.5-8oz)
    • Chex Mix® (6.25-8.75oz)
    • Chex® 100 Calorie (4.9oz)
    • Simply Chex (8oz)
    • Fiber One® 90 Calorie Brownies (5.34)
    • Fiber One® 90 Calorie Bars (4.1oz)
    • Fiber One® Chewy Bars (6-7oz)
    • Gardetto's® (8.6oz)
    • Green Giant® Frozen Boxed Vegetables (7-10oz)
    • Old El Paso® Dinner Kits (8.8-21.2oz)
    • Mott's® Medleys Fruit Snacks (8oz)
    • Milk `n Cereal Bars (6ct)
    • Nature Valley® Granola Bars(5-8.94oz)
    • Nature Valley® Granola Thins (6oz)
    • Nature Valley® Protein Bars (7.1oz)
    • Pillsbury® Baguette Chips (7oz)
    • Pillsbury® Bread (11-13.2oz)
    • Pillsbury® Breadsticks (12ct)
    • Pillsbury® Whole Grain Artisan Pizza Crust (13.8oz)
    • Pillsbury® Pizza Crust (13.8oz)
    • Pillsbury® Dinner Rolls (11.3oz)
    • Pillsbury® Ready to Bake! Big Deluxe Classics® Cookies (16oz)
    • Pillsbury® Ready to Bake! Cookies (16oz)
    • Pillsbury® Refrigerated Cookies (16.5oz)
    • Grands!® Jr. (10ct)
    • Grands!® Sweet Rolls (5ct)
    • Pillsbury® Egg Scrambles (7.7-8oz)
    • Grands!® Biscuit Sandwiches (7.4oz)
    • Pillsbury® Toaster Scrambles® Pastries (10oz)
    • Pillsbury® Toaster Strudel® Pastries (6ct)
    • Pillsbury® Treat Bars (6ct)
    • Totino's® Pizza Rolls® Brand Pizza Snacks (40ct)
    • Totino's® Pizza Stuffers (14oz)
    • Yoplait® Lactose Free Yogurt Original 99% Fat Free Yogurt
    • Yoplait® Light Fat Free Yogurt
    • Yoplait® Light Thick & Creamy Yogurt
    • Yoplait® Thick & Creamy Yogurt
    • Yoplait® Whips!® Yogurt (4-6oz)
    • Yoplait® Greek Yogurt with Nature Valley® Granola (2ct)
    • Yoplait® Greek (6oz)
    • Go-GURT® (8ct-16ct)
    • Simply' Go-GURT® (8ct)
    • Yoplait® Light Fat Free Yogurt (4ct)
    • Yoplait® Light Yogurt with Nature Valley® Granola (2ct)
    • Yoplait® Original 4 Packs
    • Yoplait® Kids Lowfat Yogurt (4ct)
    • Yoplait® Large Size Yogurt (32oz)
  • There are many many coupons you can use (too many to list!) Check out for a ton of them also, Special thanks to Jennyjoy@WUC!!!!!
  • Split Chicken breast $1.29 lb
  • Strawberries 2/$4
  • Red, Orange, or Yellow Peppers $1.99 lb
  • Hormel Cooked Ham $3.99 lb
  • Mini Seedless Watermelon $2.49 each
  • Raspberries $2.99 each
  • Lemons $.33 each
  • Corn 5/$2
Thank you WUC! Happy Shopping to everyone and I'm off to camp again!