Wednesday, March 7, 2012

My Rite Aid trip 3/6/12

So I scored big at RA this week!
Here's a breakdown of what I purchased:
15 2pk of Softlips (MM)
2 2pk of Playtex pacifiers (FREE)
5 Playtex sippy cups (2 FREE-the rest were cheap)
6 Raisin bran cereal (going to send in MIR for $10-I had bought more at Shaws)
6 jumbo pks Pampers Cruisers
1 gallon Milk (not pictured)

Total OOP: $49.39 (including tax)
Saved: $168.26 or 74%
Plus....I still have 15+UP! 
     The diapers retail for $12.49 each. So the way I look at it is I paid for 4 pkgs and the rest of what I purchased was free with coupons and discounts!
      I did notice on my receipt that I messed up my transactions slightly (this happens when you have a 2 yr old sitting in your cart on your merchandise). My plan was to have used the 15+UP to lower my OOP and I forgot one of the softlips and she still scanned my coupon (I had wanted to get 16 not 15! it would've triggered another 3+UP) Oh well. I'm still impressed with myself.
     And they wouldn't take my coupon for FREE milk. Kinda bummed there. The store mgr said she signed something saying she wouldn't sell milk for less than the state minimum and she could lose her job. I tried explaining she will still be paid for the milk by the coupon but whatever sometimes you just have to pick your battles. And well, quite frankly I dislike this store anyway since they always give me a hard time!
     How did you guys do this week? Anyone else score good deals?

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  1. I love the Rite Aid deals this week. Some other great deals I got with in ad coupons:
    Revlon scented nail polish $1.19 clearance (used $3.00 in ad coupon)
    Kushyfoot black socks $1.24 after $3.00 in ad coupon
    Rite Aid Brand Q-tips 600 ct- $.99 after $2.00 in ad
    Prestige Lip Liner - $.99 after $3.00 in ad
    Sally Hansen Nail Clipper - $.49 after in ad
    If you have gold/silver discount it will be less. I also got the cereal and two sippy cups!