Saturday, February 11, 2012

Freebies and coupons

     Freebies. Who doesn't like them? I love getting freebies/samples in the mail and usually they come with coupons too! So, how do I get them you ask?
Well a great way to get them is to email companies of products you like/use. Simple, really. All it takes is a complaint that you can't find coupons for a certain product or that you really love using this product and 85% of the time they will send you something! If you don't mind giving them you home mailing address then do so. If not you might want to setup a P.O. Box for coupons and freebies.
     Another great way to get coupons is to email companies or subscribe to their newsletters. I setup a separate email that I use strictly for all the couponing I do. So any sites that require you to log in you can use this email. A lot of time this gives you access to internet printables (IPs) of products you can't always find coupons for in your inserts.
     I honestly used to dread getting the mail! All we get are bills, no one takes the time to mail a handwritten note or letter anymore so what do I have to look forward to? Now I want to run to the mailbox to see what kind of goodies came for me!
Here's a link to get you started on some good freebies: P&G Brand Sampler
I will also include a link to HCW that has a great forum of freebies!
HCW Freebies Board

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