Wednesday, August 22, 2012

My Rite Aid Trip 8/22/12

Massive savings this week at RA!!!!!!

Hey I apologize for not having a photo but my hubby went on a bike trip and took the camera with him.
Here is what I bought:
8 Fat Foam Hair Color
14 Wet 'N Wild eyeliner
6 NYC nail polish
1 small chocolate milk
3 3pk of Nononsense socks
1 1pk of Nononsense socks
Here is what I paid: $9.50!!!!!!!! And here's the best part-I still have 6+UPs left! So, taking that into consideration I only spent $3.50 for all of this! Heehee I am doing my happy couponer dance!
My savings were: $113.75 or 92%

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